Field Mobility

Field mobility is using mobile technology to track your field workers, manage fleets and direct deliveries, and access operational data remotely thus increasing the productivity of your workforce. Through mobile workforce automation, you can easily track your field workers, utilize applications and collect or provide data through mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, dedicated handheld devices, laptops, and wearable technology.

Field encompasses to any work location outside of a corporate office. Mobility can be defined as the use of mobile technology to improve business processes. Whether your business field focuses on Agriculture, Telecommunications, Sales and Retail, or Commercial and Consumer Services, ESRFID provides a customized solution to improve your field productivity.

ESRFID integrate technology and automation within your business systems to increase efficiency, eliminate error in production and reduce cost to fully realize your business potential.

How Can Your Company Benefit From Field Mobility?

Our field mobility solutions help empower field workers save time and provide accurate services which in turn generates revenue and reduce labor cost for the company. Field workers can remotely access information regarding maintenance history of a given project, check real-time inventory of parts needed for the service, and access knowledge-base of repair instructions. Companies can also track field workers of their efficiency of providing services through mobile tracking and GPS.

Track shipments in real time to ensure on-time deliveries and prevent driver downtime. Maximize the power of the Internet over navigation and help streamline routes for a faster and more efficient delivery. Field mobility solutions also improves shipment timelines by allowing the verification and invoicing of shipments and adjustment of inventory on-site. Customers can also track purchase shipments in real time to improve customer experience.

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