Field Services

Automation has revolutionized the field service industry. Addressing customer service requests with quick and correct data together with a skilled field technician greatly affects a field service provider’s success.

Eliminate pointless paperwork in data collection and entry to increase field techs productivity and at the same time promote a greener business operation.
Push work orders to field technicians electronically through handheld devices cut costs in dispatch. Field technicians do not need to come to the office to report in for work reducing travel time and eliminating cost wasted in traveling from office to the field. Automated scheduling also gives field dispatchers ample time for any exceptions or emergencies and

Increase customer satisfaction. Field technicians equipped with the proper tools and ready access to resources tend to perform tasks faster and more efficiently resulting to satisfied customers. Satisfied customers can potentially become loyal customers patronizing and even recommending your services to others.

ESRFID integrate technology and automation within your business systems to increase efficiency, eliminate error in production and reduce cost to fully realize your business potential.

Devices include:

  • Mobile computers and handheld devices that are capable to operate in harsh field environments. Most of these devices have voice, data, GPS, and email features and also have data capturing functions such as camera and RFID and barcode reader.
  • Rugged mobile printers provide paper receipts at the point of service
  • GPS units track real time location of remote service technicians and can also serve as navigation and routing tool to provide the best route going to various field assignments.

ESRFID offers various solutions and devices to help automate your enterprise’ field service and connects your workers and your data. We offer hardware devices and software programs from trusted brands like Zebra Technologies and Honeywell to help you realize revenue through field service automation.

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