Retail companies face challenges such as increasing competition and a demand for better quality service. How can a retail company get an edge over competition and gain profit? The answer is through automation. With automation specifically in key areas such as inventory management, a company can keep track which goods diminish in quantity faster to realize trends in demand and make business decisions based on data collected

ESRFID offers customized automated inventory management system and RFID solutions to suit your business requirements.

Integrating RFID to your inventory management and overall retail business automation is a big leap towards success. It provide accurate information such as number of stocks left in the stock room and the retail floor. Aside from quantity, RFID also pinpoints you to the location of each item reducing time wasted in searching them manually.

Unlike a barcode system, which reads each item one at a time, RFID readers are capable of reading a large volume of at a time making receiving of products faster and can expedited to fill the retail floor as soon as possible.

Labor cost is also reduced as you do not need that many people to check inventories in the stockroom or retail floor.

ESRFID integrate technology and automation within your business systems to increase efficiency, eliminate error in production and reduce cost to fully realize your business potential.

An automated and highly organized inventory management will allow you to:

  • Predict current trends in the demand and supply chain thus allowing you to make necessary adjustments in re-ordering of low-stock level products to prevent any shortage or overstocks.
  • Make the right business decisions such as making prompt price markdowns of seasonal items to increase sales, as well as compete with competitors’ promos.
  • Seamlessly run the retail business and prevent any disruption in the sales process caused by shortage of stocks.
  • Collect important data of items ordered such as manufacturing lot and batch numbers and also expiry date of the item. These information are very crucial especially in cases that the manufacture recalls their products
  • Completely track inventory movement to eliminate any inventory loss and increase profit
  • Improve accuracy in pricing retail products and promptly restock the retail floor for a better customer experience. Consumers always take into consideration the price and availability of their needed products in choosing which retail business to patronize.
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