Warehouse / Inventory Management

ESRFID provides automated warehouse systems and distribution solutions for a more efficient storage, retrieval handling and distribution of goods and services. We integrate trusted Warehouse Management System software and custom-made quality automation solutions designed to create a foolproof and efficient inventory tracking system.

From analysis of your current infrastructure to the design and implementation to the lifecycle services, ESRFID will help you every step of the way to create a fully automated warehouse management system.

ESRFID integrate technology and automation within your business systems to increase efficiency, eliminate error in production and reduce cost to fully realize your business potential.

Eliminate Cost Due to Data Entry Errors

Because of automated asset tagging, data entry errors such as misinformation, duplicate entries and unconfirmed assets which are usually caused by manual encoding are prevented. Integrating RFID in tagging and tracking assets also reduce the number of overstocks or shortages to maintain a healthy asset inventory.

More Efficient Asset Tracking

Our Automated Warehouse Management System integrates RFID, which unlike barcode system, can track items more specifically by lot number, serial number, expiry date or other information making tracking easier. The system also monitors assets and their movements in multiple locations in real time.

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ESRFID really helped us with our needs for a stable and effective RFID System.

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Sales & Marketing, Singapore

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