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In an economy where demand for goods increases, companies who can deliver quickly get an edge over competitors. Having a fully organized and fully automated warehouse can help your company take this advantage.

ESRFID integrate technology and automation within your business systems to increase efficiency, eliminate error in production and reduce cost to fully realize your business potential.

What are the benefits of an Automated Warehouse?

  • Increase Inventory Accuracy. RFID technology integrated with Warehouse Management software and linked to ERP and Accounting systems can accurately identify each item including serial number, lot and batch numbers, expiry date and even the physical location and quantity of the items. These information reduce cost of waste and prevent overstock or shortage of stocks.
  • Maximize warehouse space. An automated warehouse can store the same volume of inventory of a conventional warehouse in less than 40% of space. Lesser space means lesser energy cost and lesser cost means more profit.
  • Seamless Warehouse Operation. Stock in and stock out, you get complete visibility of items inside your warehouse or distribution centers. With accurate and real time data gathered, management can also make better decisions and adjustments for a more efficient storing and distribution.
  • Reduce Labor, Equipment and Energy Cost. Manual inventory requires personnel to manually log and arrange inventory items and inevitably misplace them around the warehouse and information mistakenly inputted. This leads to warehouse workers wasting time in locating the item. The need for a warehouse supervisor just doubles cost for labor. Not to mention the pile of handwritten forms in the desk. In an automated warehouse, an item is assigned a tag and labeled using RFID printing solution, and logged into the Inventory system using a scanner or reader with minimal human intervention. Cost for excess energy such as lighting and operating machine in manually locating each item will also be eliminated.
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